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Morooka Carrier Rentals from
Paramount Equipment
in Bozeman, MT.

Paramount Equipment, LLC is a distributor for Morooka USA Rubber Tracked Carriers. Morooka is the largest manufacturer of rubber-tracked carriers in the world. These carriers go where no other machine can go and are suited for environmentally sensitive areas. They are very effective at getting a high production in construction because of its hydrostatic transmission and rubber tracks. Give us a call and see why renting a Morooka Rubber Track Carrier is right for your job.

Hydrostatic Transmission of Paramount's Morooka EquipmentHydrostatic Transmission

Morooka Rubber Track Carriers utilizes the engine’s full power. Steering is easily accomplished using the two travel levers and the two speed ranges are engaged by the push of one button.

Morooka Durable Rubber TracksDurable Rubber Tracks

Morooka Rubber Track Carriers combine the characteristics of a tire-equipped carrier, for a smooth ride, while providing the traction of a steel type track. They offer low ground pressure, high performance movement and excellent traction to make any terrain accessible.

maintenanceEasy Maintenance

Morooka Rubber Track Carriers main components (engine, hydraulic pumps, drive motors, and steering levers) are easily accessible, allowing for reliability and convenient maintenance.

cabinCabin and Operator’s Seat

The “first” class cabins on these track carriers are extremely roomy. The efficient heating and air conditioning offer maximum comfort on the 800 and 2200 models. The shape of the cabin with it’s large windows offer the operator excellent visibility while increasing safety as well.


The floating bogie-wheel undercarriage on the Morooka machines are always in contact with the ground and absorb the shocks that occur from running on uneven ground. The unique Morooka undercarriage allows for a stable and smooth ride with less vibration, which results in less driver fatigue and more productivity on the job site.